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Inbound Connect WINS at the Daily Cargo News Awards 2023
Inbound Connect is very proud to have been selected as the winner of the Supply Chain Innovation & Technology category at the prestigious 2023 DCN Australian Shipping & Maritime Awards, held in...
Inbound Connect Announced As Finalist at the Daily Cargo News Awards 2023
Inbound Connect is proud to announce our selection as a finalist in the Supply Chain Innovation & Technology category at the annual 2023 DCN Awards. Inbound Connect has an unwavering commitment to...
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Introducing Inbound Connect's Revolutionary Mobile Solution For Logistics Facilities
At Inbound Connect, we know that automation is the key to staying competitive in logistics. Recognizing this need, we have emerged as a leading player in the sector, providing cutting-edge solutions for...
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Primary Connect Joins The Inbound Connect Community
Inbound Connect, the worlds most powerful vehicle booking system (VBS), is thrilled to announce its latest collaboration with Primary Connect, the logistics division of the Woolworths Group. This partnership...
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Elevate Your Logistics Facility with an Advanced Vehicle Booking System in 2023
In today’s fast-paced world, the logistics industry is under constant pressure to deliver goods efficiently and meet the ever-increasing expectations of customers. Vehicle booking systems are revolutionizing...
Inbound Connect Proud To Sponsor The Daily Cargo News Awards 2023
Inbound Connect, a leading provider of innovation and technology solutions in the logistics and supply chain industry, is thrilled to announce its sponsorship of the prestigious Daily Cargo News Awards...
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Facility Attachments Integration Guide
This support post explains how to integrate your internal system with the electronic document management function within Inbound Connect
How To Enable 2 Factor Authentication (2FA)
WHY IS IT IMPORTANT TO ENABLE 2FA? We highly recommend enabling two-factor authentication (2FA) for the following reasons:  Security2FA increases the security of your account. Even if someone guesses...
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Cargoclear International Implementing Inbound Connect
Cargoclear International is pleased to advise all carriers that we are introducing the Inbound Connect vehicle booking system at our Eagle Farm warehouse from Monday 4th September 2023.  Why...
Northern Stevedoring Services
Northern Stevedoring Services
In early 2023, Northern Stevedoring Services (NSS), a prominent port terminal operator at the Port of Townsville, QLD recognized the need for enhanced visibility, improved efficiency, and heightened safety...
Stevenson Logictics
Stevenson Logistics
This case study examines the transformative impact of implementing the Inbound Vehicle Booking System (VBS) for Stevenson Logistics, a leading port logistics company operating in Fremantle, WA. The VBS...
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Webhooks Integration Guide
Setting up webhooks Webhook Events Security Setting up webhooks Receive event notifications with webhooks Listen for events on your Inbound account so your 3rd party system can automatically process...
E-Bookings Integration Guide
Integration Process File Format Facility Configuration Reference Data Integration Process e-Bookings are a feature of the Inbound Connect platform, that allows a user to integrate the booking process...
Secon Freight Logistics
Secon Freight Logistics
In this case study, we explore how InboundConnect partnered with Secon Freight Logistics to revolutionize their operations, enhance sustainability, and foster a trusted partnership. By leveraging our innovative...
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Guide To Making One-Off (Guest) Bookings
If you need to make a one-off booking to pick up or drop off freight at a participating Inbound Connect logistics facility, please follow the instructions below. WHO SHOULD MAKE A ONE-OFF BOOKING? You...
Guide To Making Payments For Inbound Bookings
To make inbound bookings to pick up or drop off freight at a participating Inbound Connect facility, you will require an account with Inbound Connect. To create an account, go to, click...
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Arrow Transport QLD Implementing Inbound Connect
 Arrow Transport and Quarantine Services (Arrow) is pleased to announce that we will be implementing a new vehicle appointment system called Inbound to improve the visibility and exchange of information...
Get Your WADSIC Here
Get Your WADSIC Here
The Australian Border Force (ABF) now requires all persons participating in the operations of customs licensed depots and warehouses to hold and display a Warehouse and Depot Security Identification Card...

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