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Arrow Transport QLD Implementing Inbound Connect

 Arrow Transport and Quarantine Services (Arrow) is pleased to announce that we will be implementing a new vehicle appointment system called Inbound to improve the visibility and exchange of information at our State-of-The-Art Facility on Bishop Drive on Fisherman Island at the Port of Brisbane. 

Why are we doing this? 

1. With the increased focus of the Australian Border Force into Imported Cargo via Sea, along with the addition of further obligations on Customs approved Depots, Arrow has chosen to implement Inbound to ensure we have the latest technology to comply with the required increase in compliance for our 77G facilities. 

2. To enable us to provide the most efficient service possible for both our clients and the transport operators that utilise our facility, including faster and more reliable truck turnaround times. 

3. To ensure that safety and compliance, for our staff and visitors to our site, is at the highest possible level. 

What does this mean for Transport Operators? 

From Tuesday 1st August 2023, Transport Operators will be required to make a ‘Booking’ at for every truck arriving to pick up (import) or drop-off (export) cargo at Arrow Transport QLD. 

To make a Booking, Transport Operators will be required to register an account at if they have not previously done so. There will be a Booking Fee applicable to each booking of $25 + GST. Full details and the business rules associated with this change to the Conditions of Entry at Arrow can be found at under ‘Site Access Rules’. 

The process of completing Bookings at Arrow via Inbound will become a mandatory requirement from Tuesday 1st August 2023, and vehicles arriving without a valid booking will be advised to make a booking prior to being serviced. 

What should Transport Operators do now? 

1. Log on to and register an account if you have not previously done so. 

2. Email [email protected] or call 1300 803 873 if you require any assistance in registering an account or using the Inbound system. 


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