About Us

Inbound is a software and technology company dedicated to solving the problems that continue to plague logistics operators and their clients. The company was established to provide innovative solutions to these problems and is based in Melbourne, Australia.

Inbound's founders have been closely involved in applying technology solutions directly to specific operational problems in logistics for many years. Using innovative commercial models, they have been able to achieve outcomes that many thought impossible, outcomes that have changed the face of the logistics industry.

But one major problem remains - the 'last mile'. Despite a lot of talk about how to change things, trucks arriving at logistics facilities are still likely to have to deal with unpredictable turnaround times, lack of timely information and the inefficiency and cost of congestion and delay.

The founders of Inbound have assembled a team of industry and technology professionals who 'know the game' and provide the Inbound community with real solutions to real problems. We use the latest technology to give logistics operators easy to use, commercially attractive solutions.

Inbound - Connecting Logistics Communities

Company Details

Inbound Technologies Pty Ltd

Level 12 
468 St Kilda Road
Melbourne, Victoria
Australia 3004

ABN: 70 630 872 641

1300 803 873 (from within Australia)
+61 3 8608 7917
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