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Vehicle Booking System

Streamline Operations & Maximise Efficiency at any Logistics Facility

Experience a groundbreaking shift in logistics efficiency with our fully customisable Vehicle Booking System to meet your every need. Designed to revolutionise the way you manage traffic flow, our innovative solution empowers logistics facilities & the transport community to streamline operations and boost overall performance.

Facilities using
Inbound Connect
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Inbound Connect Features

Our platform offers a diverse range of features designed to streamline your operations and optimize the efficiency of your logistics facility. What sets Inbound Connect apart is its high level of customizability, catering to any type of logistics facility. Whether you manage warehouses, port terminals, intermodal/rail or air freight terminals, Inbound Connect adapts seamlessly to your unique requirements

Industry Leading Vehicle Booking System

Our industry leading vehicle booking system provides you with full visibility of all arriving vehicles, allowing you to plan in advance.  From managing capacity to communicating with arriving vehicles our vehicle booking system is designed to ensure you operate efficiently, safely and sustainably.

Fully Customisable Configuration

Our platform is easy to configure and customizable to meet the requirements of any type of logistics site. Whether you operate a warehouse, port terminal, intermodal terminal or any other facility, our platform has the flexibility to support your needs.

Electronic Document Management

Our electronic document management feature eliminates the need to receive documents by email or paper.  With documents visible in advance of vehicle arrivals, you can verify the correct documentation is provided, be proactively prepared and communicate any potential problems which eliminates futile trips.

Visitor Identification

Whether you are a customs licensed facility or simply want to improve your safety and compliance, our visitor identification feature allows you to record and manage who’s on site at any time.  Our automated solution creates a digital visitor log enabling visibility of which drivers did what, when and why.

Unique Commercial Model

We offer a unique commercial model that sets us apart. Our flexible commercial approach enables you to generate a new revenue stream for your business or subscribe in a cost effective way.

Advanced Payment Capabilities

Our industry leading pricing engine is highly advanced and flexible. With our platform, you can easily configure and collect various ancillary charges associated with freight held within your facility. This level of payment configuration and flexibility sets us apart.

Swift Implementation

We understand that in logistics, time is of the essence. We can have you up and running within hours. No more waiting months for complicated software implementations, see the benefits quickly and efficiently.

Trusted Industry Advisors

We go beyond being just a technology provider. We are trusted industry advisors with a wealth of experience. We don’t just sell you the software; we guide and help manage your business through the transformation process. Our expertise means a successful outcome for you and your customers.

Modern Technology Including Integration

Our SaaS platform is built on modern technology, ensuring a user-friendly experience and eliminating the need for extensive development customizations.  We provide a powerful integration platform enabling easy connection to your systems. Say goodbye to complicated and clunky software implementations.


Inbound Connect Benefits

Our powerful platform offers a range of benefits to streamline logistics processes and optimize efficiency. Whether you are a logistics facility or transporting freight, discover the advantages that await you with Inbound Connect below.

Advanced Visibility of Known Arrivals

Gain the advantage of advanced visibility into arriving vehicles, their cargo, and scheduled arrival times. Know well ahead of time which vehicles are approaching, what they plan to do, and their expected arrival schedules. This empowering feature enables your logistics facility to be fully prepared, ensuring smoother operations and efficient processing of all arriving vehicles.

Proactive Planning

Stay one step ahead in your logistics operations with Inbound Connect’s proactive planning feature. Assess labor and equipment needs well in advance, based on actual demand, ensuring optimal resource allocation and seamless operations. Experience the power of advanced planning with Inbound Connect.

Industry Communication

Enables you to easily communicate in real-time with the transport community and the wider industry.

Paperwork and Manual Process Elimination

Inbound Connect revolutionizes logistics by eliminating physical paperwork and removing time-consuming manual processes. Embrace an eco-friendly approach and optimize efficiency as our platform digitizes operations, streamlining your logistics workflow. Say goodbye to paperwork hassles and welcome seamless automation with Inbound Connect.


Transport companies and clients have access to real-time information about your facility and can make better decisions.

Advanced Payment Capabilities

Automate and digitize the process of identifying, invoicing and collecting storage and other ancillary charges at the time a timeslot booking is made.  Never miss a payment or charge again.

Safety and Compliance

Improves safety and compliance outcomes by eliminating queuing, turning trucks around in a faster and reliable manner.  Comply with visitor identification requirements with our advanced driver identification and recording technology fully integrated with the vehicle booking system.


Inbound Connect reduces direct and indirect costs by eliminating waste and drastically improving your ability to plan.

Much Faster and More Predictable Vehicle Turnaround Times

With Inbound Connect logistics facilities operate within its capacity and are prepared for the arrival of your vehicle.  This dramatically reduces time on site and improves the consistency and reliability of service.  This enables you to do move work with less fleet.

No Need For Paper

With digitized document management, you no longer need to provide drivers with physical paper work when arriving at logistics facilities.  Eco friendly and less wasted trips back to base to collect paperwork.


Inbound Connect let’s you know when a logistics facility has (or hasn’t) got available capacity to service vehicles, including late changes and dynamic planning.  This enables you to make better decisions for your business and optimize your fleet.

Eliminate Futile Trips

Stay informed and know at the time of booking (before you send a vehicle) if there is a problem or impediment.  With real time messaging from facilities, ensure you have everything you need to complete movement and avoid a futile trip.

Single Platform

Our platform Connects multiple logistics facilities in one place, you can manage all your vehicle movements in one place.

Performance Data

track and report data the performance of your vehicles at multiple logistics facilities.


What Our Customers Say!

We take great pride in providing innovative solutions that transform logistics operations. These testimonials highlight the impact our platform has had on our clients’ efficiency, productivity, and overall success.

Daniel Considine

CEO, Secon Freight Logistics


Partnering with Inbound Connect has been transformative for Secon Freight Logistics. Their innovative solutions streamlined our operations, improved efficiency, and reduced our environmental impact. Their commitment to sustainability and exceptional collaboration has created a trusted partnership. Thanks to Inbound Connect, we’re leading the way in sustainable logistics while exceeding customer expectations.

Jim Stevenson

Managing Director, Stevenson Logistics


The Inbound VBS has been a revelation for us at Stevenson Logistics. As our business has grown over time, the pressure on our Fremantle facility has grown as well. We’re a business that prides ourselves on using technology to improve our service, and implementing the Inbound VBS for the multiple functions at our entry gate has enabled us to provide a more efficient service to our clients and carriers, as well as a greater level of planning certainty to our operators. It’s been a great result for us and I’d recommend it to anyone managing a logistics facility

Mark George

General Manager, Northern Stevedoring Services (NSS) Townsville


At NSS, using technology to improve our efficiency and service levels has always been important. Managing randomly arriving trucks has traditionally been an area we wanted to improve, as has greater visibility of dynamic vessel schedules and container availability. The Inbound VBS gave us the ability to make a step-change in the way we were able to operate, and has been really successful for our business.

Frequently asked questions

Welcome to our FAQ section, where we answer common questions about Inbound Connect, our innovative SaaS platform for logistics operations. 

Inbound Connect is a community of logistics facilities who use our SaaS vehicle booking system to improve the service they can offer to vehicles arriving at their facilities and to their clients. It connects facilities to their transport company users and clients to enable better information and visibility for any truck arrival at any facility for any freight.

Inbound Connect provides the worlds most powerful vehicle booking system (VBS). It gives facilities the ability to see which truck is arriving, when the truck is arriving and exactly what the truck is arriving for. This means that facilities can be proactive in their planning and prepare for the arrival of the vehicle well ahead of time, as opposed to dealing with random truck arrivals as they occur. Because the facility can be prepared for each truck arrival, and because Inbound Connect provides a time slotting feature to each facility, waiting times can be dramatically reduced or eliminated completely. As well, Inbound Connect enables facilities to remove physical paperwork and manual processes by digitizing document management. This reduces the processing time and person-to-person contact at the point of truck arrival which again improves efficiency and safety.

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Yes, Inbound Connect is built using the latest technology. We have several integration options available to suit nearly all circumstances. Including existing integrations with a range of popular warehouse and facility management systems. Please contact us at [email protected] to discuss your integration needs.

Take Your Logistics to the Next Level

Inbound Connect is a game-changing SaaS platform dedicated to optimizing logistics operations. With advanced planning capabilities, real-time information sharing, and the elimination of manual processes, we empower businesses to streamline their logistics, reduce costs, and achieve operational excellence. Join us on our journey to transform the logistics industry with Inbound Connect.

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